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The Easiest Way to Hold Auctions on your WordPress Site. Since 2008, our auction plugin has solved the problem of online auctions, by allowing you to effortlessly create, manage and edit as many auctions as you like.

Trusted by tens of thousands of WordPress users who have auctioned of items worth millions of dollars!

WP Auctions in numbers

80.000+ downloads, 6000+ paying customers, 14 years in business.

Latest update: 15/06/2022 (tested up to WP 6.0.0)

Compatible with the new Block Builder (Gutenberg) and visual builders like Elementor, Visual Composer and Divi.

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WP Auctions allows you to host personal auctions on your WordPress site. Sell anything and keep 100% of your profits!

What Can I Sell With WP Auctions?

Cars, Bikes... Planes? Sure.

Sell any of the above and keep all your profits! When you sell on your website or blog , you don't pay listing , or final value, fees to anyone!

Real Estate or Land? Check.

Got a house, apartment or plot of land you want to sell? Why pay fees to agents or brokers? Use WP Auctions to easily set up your property auctions!

Art and Antiques? Yes!

Auction or sell artwork, memorabilia, antiques and more on your website. You can even place a reserve, or a Buy it Now price, so you don't have to sell for less.

Install, Create... Get Bids

Upload the ZIP file to install the plugin, activate it via the WordPress Plugins admin panel.

Setting up the plugin takes a minute or two

Create your first auction, and let your site visitors know about it.

Wait for the bids to roll in. Once your auction is over get your payment and ship your item!

WP Auctions

Featured Option

3 Auction Engines Proxy, Simple and Reserve

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