WP Auctions enables you to hold auctions on your own self hosted WordPress blog. You get to add, manage and edit as many auctions as you like and keep 100% of the profits generated. The only fees you’ll have to pay are any PayPal or bank transfer fees for accepting payments.

Once you upload and activate the plugin you are ready to set up your first auction. It couldn’t be simpler. Your readers can also stay up to date with your very own auctions RSS feed.


The original founders of the plugin:

Concept by Hyder Jaffari

Hyder has over 9 years of experience in design and development for the web as well as content and product creation. He started up Weborithm in the Fall of ’07 to pursue his dream of running his own web/blog design and development company.

WP Auctions is the first of many products to come out of the product division of Weborithm. It’s a great little plugin that will hopefully have a big impact on the WordPress community.

As of 2022, the plugin has been downloaded over 80.000 times.

Code by Owen Cutajar


Owen is the rock star developer behind WP Auctions. You can catch up with him on his blog where he writes on a variety of topics, plugins included.

The plugin is a culmination of all the PHP/MySQL/WordPress experience he has amassed in the last few years. It has also let him experiment with some AJAX techniques and has been a great vehicle for him towards learning some amazing skills in that respect.

He has been developing features for the plugin for years.

Fast forward to 2022

In 2022 WP Auction was acquired by Marka Studios, a creative agency determined to serve the new and existing customers of the leading auction plugin on WordPress. We are currently working hard on bringing both site and plugin to the next level, with exciting new updates on a regular base.

We’d like to thank the original founders for their hard work and commitment over the years.