• At a glance auction dashboard
  • Create, Manage and Edit unlimited auctions
  • 3 bidding engines: Simple, Proxy (default) and Reverse
  • 2nd Chance offers to bidders NEW
  • Responsive layout for embedded auctions
  • Multiple currency support
  • Custom currency option
  • Minimum bid increment (Global and per auction)
  • Set up email notifications + email message customization
  • Auction widget for any widget ready area
  • Re-list closed and unsold auctions
  • Embed auctions in a Post/Page or use sidebar widget
  • Refresh Current Bid via AJAX
  • Default WordPress WYSIWYG editor to write descriptions
  • Assign multiple categories to auctions (designed for use with the List Widget add-on)
  • 1st level of security: Allow only registered users to bid
  • 2nd level of security: Request to bid feature for registered users
  • 3rd level of security: Blacklist users by their email addresses from bidding
  • Anonymous auctions: Obfuscate usernames for privacy
  • Delete fraudulent bids
  • Starting Price: Set a starting bid for your auction
  • Reserve Price: Set a reserve price for your auction
  • Increase Maximum Bid: Bidder can increase their Maximum Bid to determine them winning
  • Buy it Now: Use together with auction or set only a BIN price, for quick selling
  • Time Extension: Auction time extension, prevent last-minute sniping
  • Timer: Auction countdown timer
  • Start Date: Set a date for the auction to begin
  • End Date: Set an end date
  • Watch Auctions: Users + Bidders can watch auctions and get email updates
  • Specify an auction landing page
  • Show auctions as a list in the sidebar widget
  • Customize URL field to accept other data, e.g. Phone Number
  • RSS feed for your auctions
  • Set a flat shipping fee per auction, or offer a shipping clause
  • Charge a fee per auction, based on final price percentage or a flat fee
  • Get notifications via email of bids placed
  • Resend winning emails to auction winners
  • Show custom message if there are no active auctions
  • Translation Ready
  • Get PayPal payments, just enter your PayPal address
  • Or, give Bank Details via email (for wire transfer)
  • Or, give Mailing Address via email (for checks, money orders)
  • Or, provide Custom Payment instructions via email
  • Create auction categories to segment auctions (best used with our List Widget add-on)
  • Customize auction embed and widget with your own colors
  • Override CSS styles via a separate style sheet
  • Switch between image re-sizers
  • Bypass UTF-8 email if your hosting provider does not support it
  • Works with multi-site set up in WordPress
  • Create, manage and edit unlimited auctions
  • Profile page to add PayPal payment information
  • Get email notifications
  • Auction dashboard