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Extending Our Support in the Pandemic

During this tough time, billions of people are literally either staying at home, caring for the sick, fighting the covid-19 disease or have succumbed to it. The true heroes are our doctors, nurses, essential workers and anyone who is involved in the production of food and services that are required to keep us fed, protected and safe in our homes.

We’re extending our support by offering our plugin at a lower price point of $39, and with the List Widget free of charge ($19 value) to those looking to set up auctions on their WordPress blog or website.

In the past, our plugin has helped people conduct auctions to do bake sales, charity and to auction off specialized items or prizes for relief efforts for various calamities. We hope it serves you during this one.

Our support is here for the plugin, and in spirit, for us to get through these times together.

#StayHome #WashYourHands #StaySafe