You need to upload the downloaded ZIP file to the plugins directory of your WordPress install via FTP or the plugin upload area. Once uploaded you need to activate the add-on separately from the main admin panel of the plugin.

After activation you will see a new menu item under the “WP Auctions” menu tab called “Bulk Upload”.


Please do not use the CSV import if you have any live auctions. It could very well cause errors for your live auctions and possible delete any bids you received. This add-on is to be only used with a fresh batch of auctions.

If you want to edit your live auctions after upload please use the “Manage” area to edit them as needed. Since there are literally hundreds of thousands of various server settings out there this is the safest route to take.


1. Purge Database: This option allows you to completely delete your auction database. Be careful with this one, it will REALLY delete everything if you select the “Yes” option.

– What is this option for?

Basically, it allows you to delete your records if you get any errors with the import of your CSV file. As a fail safe it is always set to “No” just in case you didn’t actually want to delete your auctions. If you select “Yes” and delete your records there’s nothing we can do about it. So PLEASE make a backup of your auctions first before continuing with this option.

2.Export Records: You can export a CSV file of your auctions using this option. Simply click on “Export CSV” and the download should start.

3. Import Records: This option allows you to import your auctions from a specification ready CSV file. The file MUST be in the EXACT specifications mentioned, otherwise you will receive an error. If the first row of your file has column headings you can select the option present to have the upload process skip it. The first row is present by default in the sample CSV file.


– My import failed?

Please review the error posted by the add-on and re-check your CSV file for any errors, specifically the start date and time. It HAS to match the specification posted.

– Can I use HTML and video embeds in the CSV file?

Yes, you can. However be careful about some punctuations like and ;. They might cause some issues with a few servers during import and give you an error.

– Can I change the date format?

No, sorry. At this point of time it is in the DD/MM/YYYY format. We might add support for others later.

– Why do I have one auction repeated twice?

You probably imported a CSV file that had the auction present the first time and uploaded a new CSV file with the previous auction still present in it. Simply delete the repeated auction by visiting your “Manage” screen.

– Will importing auctions delete any bids that are placed on live auctions?

Yes. If you have live auctions WITH bids on them then please make sure any further CSV file import does not have the same auction in it. It will add another similar auction and could cause your live auction bids to get deleted or cause undue errors.

If you get any other specific error please post them on our support page.


  • Upload the ZIP file you downloaded as you would normally do any other plugin, via the Plugins > Add New > Upload area..
  • Once uploaded you need to activate the plugin as well, otherwise it won’t work.

Uploading via FTP

These are programs that let you connect to your host via FTP. You need your hosting account FTP username and password to connect. Contact your hosting provider for more information.


MACList of Mac FTP Clients


Important note:

To have auctions displayed in your list widget, you need to bind them each individually to a post or page.

So, if you have created for instance an auction for a boat, you need to:

  • first set up the auction
  • create a post or page with the same name
  • bind the auction to it (there is a button at the bottom of a post or page saying: “insert and bind auction”

After that, use any of the following shortcodes to display the list widget.

1. To use this widget simply place the following shortcode into a Post or Page:

[wpa_list_widget mode="list"]

2. To limit how many auctions you want to show, use the maxrec filter:

[wpa_list_widget mode="list" maxrec="3"]

In the example above, 3 auctions will be shown randomly from all your Current Auctions.

3. To show the description, use the  limitdesc filter in the shortcode:

[wpa_list_widget mode="sidebar" limitdesc="50" maxrec="3"]

In the example above, your description will be limited to the first 50 characters (not words). The word “Hello” is 5 characters.

NOTE: The description will not be shown in the “list” mode.

4. To show auctions from a certain category, use the  category filter in the shortcode:

[wpa_list_widget mode="list" limitdesc="50" maxrec="3" category="CategoryName"]

In the example above, auctions from the category “CategoryName” will be shown. Category names with spaces will not work unfortunately, so “Art Gallery” would not work, whereas “ArtGallery” will.

5. To show auctions in a particular order, use the  order filter in the shortcode:

[wpa_list_widget limitdesc="50" maxrec="3" order="xxx"]

Where xxx can be: random, date, datedesc, price or pricedesc.

NOTE: price or pricedesc will show the auctions based on the current bid price only and NOT the starting bid price.

6. To paginate your auctions, use the  perpage filter in the shortcode:

[wpa_list_widget perpage="1"]

In the example above, all your auctions will be shown in 1 page. If you want to show less per page then increase the number accordingly. So if you have 10 auctions, you can use perpage=”2″ and the List Widget would only show 2 auctions per page.

7. To show future auctions:

[wpa_list_widget futureauctions="yes"]

Choices: yes or no

8. To show closed auctions:

[wpa_list_widget closedauctions="yes"]

Choices: yes or no


mode=”list” – This will show your auctions in a list format. Descriptions are not shown in this mode. Leaving it out will show it in an alternative list format. Properties: list and sidebar.

limitdesc=”50″ – This will limit the characters in your description to the first 50. You can enter any number you like there.

maxrec=”3″ – This limits how many auctions you would like to show.

category=”CategoryName” – This filter lets you specify auctions from one category. Enter the category name for all auctions from that category to show.

order=”xxx” – This filter lets you specify the order in which you want to show your auctions. Properties: random, date, datedesc, price and pricedesc.

perpage=”1″ – This filter allows you to list a desired amount of auctions per page with the List Widget.

futureauctions – Choose to show your future auctions or not

closedauctions – Choose to show your closed auctions or not