There is an option in the settings “BYPASS UTF8 EMAIL” which you can change (somewhere at the bottom of the auction settings tab) that will fix this.

After upgrading from the free version, sometimes users see this error when trying to add auctions.

It is important in that case to make sure you clear your cache and do a hard reset, on windows this is ctrl + f5).

You should also see the blue interface, not the yellow/green one.

In order for WP Auctions to be correctly configured you MUST set the “Auction Engine”. Your three choices are “Standard”, “Simple” and “Reverse”.

To select your Auction Engine, click on the drop down box and select the engine you want to work with. You must literally click the drop down to select it, even if the default is set to “Standard”. Once you’ve selected it, and set your other settings, click on “Update Options”.

If you see the notice again, click on Update Options one more time.

Please note you cannot change your Auction Engine while you have live auctions on the site.

This is the default re-direction scheme, i.e

The above link will show the auction, with the ID 1, on your home page. Your home page must either have the sidebar widget or a front page sticky Post/Page with any auction embedded in it.

If you do not have the sidebar widget, or a front page sticky Post/Page with an auction in it, and you are embedding auctions in a Post/Page, then you must form a relationship with the Post/Page and the auction. See “How do I place an Auction in a Post/Page?” for instructions on how to do that.