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Anonymous Auctions

The Pro version of WP Auctions contains a very cool little feature that some website owners, with a discreet clientele, will find quite helpful.

The ability to hold anonymous auctions by obfuscating the usernames of registered bidders for privacy.

Privacy For Bidders

If you have the need for adding a level of anonymity, or secrecy, to the bidders of your auction then this function is right for you. Activation is as simple as turning the option to anonymize bidder names or not. Once you’ve selected your choice just update your auction settings and you’re done.

Now all your usernames will get replaced with random numbers and stars, with only the first and last initial of the bidder name being shown. This is to make sure that the bidder knows that their bid has actually been recorded.

A big enhancement to your auction profile with a click of a button.

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