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Can other users post their auctions?

Yes, in v5.0 of WP Auctions subscribers can place their own auctions. This feature is still in early development phase and will extend in functionality as we gather user feedback.

On activation the plugin automatically allows your users who are signed up as “Subscribers” to post their own auctions. You must first allow users the permission to sign up, this is done via the Settings admin panel in WordPress. Check the box called “Membership” and select the user default role as “Subscriber”. All your new registered users can now conduct their own auctions.

Important points for your Subscribers

1. Set up a Default Auction Page and enter the shortcode [ wpadisplay ]. This will show all active auctions from all your users. Without this set up your users will not be able to show their auctions, unless you give them the rights to create Posts. This can be accomplished by using any role editor plugin available for WordPress.

2. Your users will get paid for their own auctions, they can enter their PayPal email account under their WordPress profile page (at the very bottom).

3. An auction can only be viewed and edited by its owner via the auction backend. The administrator has rights to view all auctions but cannot edit them.

4. Subscribers cannot edit your main Auction Settings or auction engine.

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