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Add/Edit/Manage/Delete Auctions

Add an Auction

Entering a new auction is very straight forward. Start with the essentials like the title, description (using the WYSIWYG editor), upload a featured image, the starting price, end date and the payment method.

Once you’ve done the above you can then add further details like auction category, embedded auction URL, shipping data, reserve price and more images among other features.

After you have completed entering your auction details simply click the “Add Auction” button at the bottom of the page to make your auction go live!

Edit an Auction

From your “Current Auctions” tab you can click “Edit” to change any part of your auction. The start date cannot be changed on an auction once it receives a bid.

Manage your Auctions

You can view all your Current and Closed Auctions from those respective admin areas. Details like creation date, start date and ending date are displayed along with all bids placed. You can also see the current bid, your BIN price and any reserve you may have set. To edit any of this information click the “Edit” link.

All bidders have their name linked to their email address, for when you would like to get in touch with them for any purpose related to your auction.

Delete your Auctions

You can delete any auction, live or finished, from either the Current or Closed Auctions admin area at any point of time.

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