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Request To Bid

The “Request to Bid” feature allows only approved bidders to bid on an auction. This feature can be activated by going to:

Auction Settings > Other Settings > Request to Bid Mode

You can turn this feature on by following these steps –

  1. Traditional Display ONLY – Registered Users Only Mode: Set this setting to be “Yes, only registered users can bid
  2. Request to Bid Mode: Set this option to “Yes, bidders need to be approved before they can bid
  3. Click “Update Options

Once this feature is switched on, registered users will be shown an option to “Request to Bid” on all auctions. Once they click on the button to request permission, this action will be logged in your “Manage Bidders” panel.

Manage Bidders Panel

In this panel you can select to auto-approve all bidders requesting permission, or approve them on an as requested basis.

You can filter each auction and view the list of approved bidders and their approval status.

The benefits of using this feature can be seen when you have exclusive auctions that cater to a particular audience, or if it’s an auction which is being conducted on an invitation basis.

To turn this feature off, simply undo the steps 1 and 2 from the list above and click Update Options again.

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