WP Auctions takes the security of your auctions seriously. Here are the features we have in place that allow you to run safe and secure auctions.

1. Register to Bid: You can set the plugin to only allow registered users to bid. Users will be required to register via the default WordPress registration system. Make sure to set all new users to be set as “Subscribers”. Once activated only registered users will be able to place bids on live auctions.

2. Request to Bid (for registered users): After activating the feature to allow only registered users you will see another option show below called “Request to Bid Mode”. You can set this to activate for approved bidders to bid. After activation you will see all your approved list of bidders on a per auction basis in the “Manage Bidders” admin area. Users can request approval to bid on a particular auction, approval is manually handled by you. You can revoke anyone’s bidding rights at any time, even after an auction is live and there are bids placed.

3. Blacklist: You can ban certain email addresses from bidding on auctions by entering their email address in the space provided under Auction Settings.

4. Anonymous Auctions: You can obfuscate the names of bidders when this option is activated. A great way to hold semi-private auctions.

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