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Subscriber Account Settings

Please read the documentation on “Subscriber Auctions” to learn how to show your subscriber auctions.

Subscribers can set up their auction settings via their default WordPress profile page in v5.0+. These include:

1. PayPal account: Subscribers can enter the PayPal email they wish to get paid at for the auctions they conduct on your site. All payments for subscriber held auctions are handled between the subscriber and the auction winner.

2. Email notifications: They can configure what type of email notifications they get for their auctions.

3. Bidder Blacklist: Subscribers can ban certain email addresses from bidding. As all bidders are linked by their email address (from the Current Auctions panel) a subscriber can ban any fraudsters or spammers from bidding on their auctions. This does not affect auctions held by other subscribers.

4. Auctions: A list of all current and closed auctions are shown to each subscriber.

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