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Subscriber Auctions

In v5.0+, all Subscribers can conduct their own auctions on your blog or website. This function is automatically built-in. If you do not want anyone else but you to create auctions you can simply disable the main feature to disable registrations via the Settings > General admin panel.

Allow/Disallow Subscribers to Host Auctions

As an admin you may or may not want to allow your Subscribers to host auctions on your site. Here’s a step by step process to amend this:

  1. Install this plugin: User Role Editor
  2. Go to the Users > User Role Editor admin panel and select the Subscriber role to edit.
  3. Scroll down to see the “Custom capabilities” and you will notice a checkbox that states ‘create_auction‘.
  4. You can select or deselect this checkbox depending on whether or not you want to allow your users to host auctions on your site.

Auction Creation

Subscribers can set up and manage their own auctions via their default WordPress admin panel. They can view all their Current Auctions from their backend panel.

Auction Management

They can also edit them, close them out early or delete their own auctions. The site administrator cannot edit or delete any Subscriber auction.

Subscribers Cannot…

– Subscribers cannot edit any auction settings, except for what is mentioned in the “Subscriber Account Settings” documentation below.

– Subscribers cannot edit any other auctions except their own.

– Subscribers cannot create Posts or Pages to show their auctions.

– Subscribers cannot create new categories for their auctions

Subscribers Can…

– Subscribers can accept direct PayPal payments only for their winning auctions.

– Subscribers can create as many auctions as they wish.

– Subscribers can add a shipping price to their auctions.

– Subscribers can hold Buy it Now auctions.

– Subscribers can set a Custom Bid Increment for their auctions.

How can you show your Subscriber Auctions?

You can enter the shortcode [ wpadisplay ] in a Page. This shortcode will show all your registered Subscribers and their profile will link to all the auctions they have live on your blog or website.

How can I protect myself against spammers?

You can use any number of membership plugins available to allow only paid/approved Subscribers to register. You can also delete a spam Subscriber anytime via your “Users” admin panel.

Must I have a PayPal Payment Page set up for my Subscribers?

Yes, it would be highly recommended as the only way a Subscriber can get paid is via PayPal. So setting up this page is vital. To learn how to do so read our PayPal Payment Page documentation.

This feature is in a beta phase and will greatly improve over time. Your feedback to make it better will be invaluable to us.

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