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WP Auctions Pro v5.3 Now Available

WordPress v4.5 just got released and with it a whole host of new features. We’ve released WP Auctions v5.3 to coincide with it.

The “Traditional Display” has been updated to use the native jQuery UI tabs that ship with WordPress, so any conflicts or issues you may have seen in the past due to minor incompatibility issues between themes/plugins and our plugin should be more or less gone.

You will see the change in the Traditional Display tabs on the embed and the popup.

Upgrade Options

via Instant Download: If you bought the plugin via Instant Download you can re-download the plugin via your E-junkie email where you received the original download link. You get up to 4 downloads, once they are used up you can upgrade to our subscription service. Sorry, there are no exceptions to this rule.

via Weborithm Products: Just log into your account and download the plugin from your member area.

Files Updated

Below is the list of files updated in this release you can simply upload them, or do a full plugin update…

  • Please update the whole folder

Upgrade Instructions

Read our instructions here.