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How Can I Make Sure My Bidders Are Genuine?

Security is important as more of our daily lives revolve around activities we do online. Email, documents, bill payments, shopping and social media have layers of security which help us use them with a certain level of safety in the back of our minds.

We take security seriously as well, and have implemented many features that help you conduct auctions safely on your website.

Auction Security

WP Auctions relies on the registration process built in by WordPress for anyone to place a bid, by default*. Inherently it provides a level of security where you eliminate 99% of lazy scammers, who can’t be bothered to do the registration process.

Further, the plugin provides extra layers of security which you can turn on to supplement the measure above:

  • Request to Bid: This feature enables the admin to mark all auctions as ‘approved bidders only’. So each registered user has to request to be allowed to bid on an auction. You can set it to auto approve everyone by default and revoke their privilege if they are not showing genuine bidding activity.
  • Blacklist: Use this feature to stop bidders altogether from bidding on any auction you may have listed.
  • Delete bids: You can always delete a bid if it looks like it’s not placed with an intent to pay, for instance a $1000 bid when the last bid was $50 is an instance where you could question the genuineness of the bidder.

There are many plugins out there which can be used to make the user registration even more safe and robust, rather than just use the default email/password combination that WordPress has implemented by default.

We hope you are rest assured that WP Auctions can help you conduct your auctions safely and securely, not just for you but for your bidders as well.

*The plugin comes with a ‘Responsive Display’ (shown in our demo) and is the default, where registration is required to place a bid. The other mode, ‘Traditional Display’, can be toggled on/off to allow registered/unregistered users to place bids.

2 thoughts on “How Can I Make Sure My Bidders Are Genuine?

  1. good day.
    your theme looks like it will address most of my issues but i am wondering if i can get payment information upfront so if they win, they are charged – reducing the risk of being stuck with the item.

    1. The winner is sent an email to pay as soon as the auction closes. There’s no way at present to capture payment information. You can do that via a member plugin where they have to submit such information prior to signing up to bid. Hope that helps.

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