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More Photos = More Bids!

Whenever, and wherever, a buying decision is involved we always look to feel, touch or as the case is online look at more pictures.

Luckily for you WP Auctions allows you to upload four of your best pictures for your listed item. At times you might want to add a bit more though. While we’re working to extend our image presentation features, here’s some simple steps you can take to utilize the default WordPress gallery to your benefit to get more bids!

  1. Create your auction
  2. Embed into a Post/Page, make sure you “Bind Post to Auction”
  3. Upload as many images as you like to your Post/Page and create a gallery using the built in WordPress gallery features
  4. Embed the gallery either below or above your embedded auction

There you have it. A nice looking gallery with as many pictures as you like embedded into your Post/Page!

Now sit back and watch those extra bids come in.