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WP Auctions v5.2

Everyone deserves a 2nd chance, even your 2nd highest bidder!

In response to a request by many users we’ve released WP Auctions v5.2 with a very unique feature.

Introducing 2nd Chance

What is it?

Good question.

Let’s say you run an auction and put a reserve price. All the bidding happens and yet your reserve price does not get met. This can happen if the ‘Current Bid‘ does not go over the reserve price, even though a bidder may have placed a ‘Maximum Bid‘ up to or near the reserve price. So you miss out on having a successfully closed auction and instead end up with an unsold auction.

Very frustrating…we know.

But now with 2nd chance you have the ability to give the closest bidder, or any other bidder for that matter, the option to buy the unsold auction, at the ‘Maximum Bid’ price they placed.

So if their maximum bid was $400 and the current bid was $400, but your reserve was $500 you can now offer it to the bidder at their maximum bid price. In this case the ‘Maximum Bid’ was $400.

Click the “Offer” link next to the bidders name, confirm your action, once you’ve done that an email with payment instructions will get sent out stating that they can buy the auction at their maximum bid if they like.

2nd Chance. Available ONLY in WP Auctions.

2nd Chance. Available ONLY in WP Auctions.

Other Improvements

  • The Traditional Display ‘embed‘ (i.e auction embedded into a Post/Page) has been made responsive now. So you can use that if you desire and not worry about losing mobile/tablet customers. The popup still remains at fixed widths and heights.
  • Some small bug fixes with the future date that you can set for auctions.
  • Request to bid compliance for the Responsive Display.