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Property Auctions

Got a house, apartment or plot of land you want to sell? Why pay hefty fees to agents, brokers or 3rd party websites? Using WP Auctions you can easily set up your property auction! For best effect, the Auction in a Post feature (Pro & Pro Plus) will allow you to enter supplemental images and video as well.

For protection of your bids you can require bidders to register before they place a bid. This way you can screen them once they register to protect the validity of your auction.

11 thoughts on “Property Auctions

  1. Please contact me asap. I just want to try one auction one time, on a car, although we really do real estate most, but please contact me so I can try one once. Do you have a 3 to 7 day trial subscription by chance? Thank you.

  2. im creating a website with auctions.i would like to know if the people can post their own auctions?
    Basic im looking for a plugin that everyone can post their auctions.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      This plugin is only meant for personal auctions.

      We’re working on a version that allows everyone to post an auction, expect it sometime early next year!

  3. Hello,
    Could you please advise if it is possible to assign auction for particular property. So that I would not need to upload images and details separately in WP Auctions but to link it to particular property that already exists in a database? Would that be possible?

    Secondly, would it be possible for me to translate it into Russian language? By the way, I saw your offer if translated into own language that you are offering free theme or plugin? I would be happy to translate it into Russian and Serbian.

    Thank you

    1. Hi, presently the images would need to be uploaded via the auction interface. However, if you use the Bulk Upload add-on you can by pass this and link it to images that already exist in your database.

      As for the details, if they exist somewhere else maybe you can place a link. But then that would be a bad user experience. So it’s up to you. Again, if you use the Bulk Upload add-on you can copy paste the text in the excel/csv file and upload it one go.

      Regarding the translation sure, I can give you one theme for each language. You can choose from here: http://www.mojo-themes.com/user/weborithm/

  4. Thank you! I understand. Probably I would not need bulk upload, as I would not have many auctions at the time. Can i choose WPauctions + WP auctions extended listing for the two languages translation? Where can I look at the text that needs translating?

    1. Hmm…we don’t have a language file per se. Usually users who have bought the plugin volunteer to translate it.

      I’ll see what I can do generate a language text file.

  5. We are very interested in using this plugin for a site we are designing. However, we will have multiple pieces of property that we simply want to be able to receive bids on. We want the timer to count down once a bid is placed and users to see how many bids we have received, but we don’t want them to see any actual dollar amount. Is this possible with this plugin?

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