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Responsive Embedded Auctions

WP Auctions has a lot of features and one of the most important one is the ability to embed auctions into a Post or Page. As the mobile web took hold of the planet we knew that we had to adapt the plugin to fit better into the future. Soon enough we had made our embedded auction displays responsive.

Two Display Types, Both Equally Responsive

The plugin has a aptly named ‘Responsive Display’ which is powered by Bootstrap and adapts well for 99.99% of mobile devices.

The other display is called ‘Traditional Display’. This was the longest running iteration for the embedded auction display, which is why we decided to call it that, but don’t let that make you think it’s not meant to keep up with the times. It’s equally responsive and will not hinder mobile users bidding on your auctions.

So there you have it, two display types and both work equally and effortlessly to get you bids for your auctions.