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WP Auctions v5.5 Now Available!

We’re happy to announce that WP Auctions v5.5 is now available. Here’s what’s new.

Quick Bid Engine

A new auction engine?! Yes, we’ve introduced a fancy new auction engine that allows bidders (we recommend you allow only logged in users for this one) to place bids on auctions with just a single click.

How does this work?

It’s quite simple. All you have to do is select the Quick Bid engine when you set up the plugin, or when all your auctions are over, and start adding auctions as you normally did with any other engine of our plugin.

After you’ve entered an auction to go live, we recommend you set a custom bid increment (either per auction or global) and publish your auction. When a potential bidder sees your auction they will be prompted to login/register to place a bid. Once they’re logged in all they have to do is click the ‘Place Bid’ button and they’re done.

For example:

1. The starting bid on your auction is $5.00
2. You can set a custom bid increment value if you like, let’s set it as $10.00
3. The first bid is accepted at $5.00
4. From here on, the next bid is previous bid + custom bid increment
5. So, the next bid is $15.00
6. From here on each bid request will increase by $10.00…
7. All your bidder has to do is click ‘Place Bid’ and their bid is recorded

Do I HAVE to set a bid increment?

No, you don’t need to set a bid increment. The auction engine will take care of the bid increments on it’s own if you don’t set anything.

Another feature update, we’ve removed the restrictions for admins on 3rd party auctions, since a lot of you requested that you be able to have some sort of control over ‘subscriber’ auctions. If you don’t use this feature you don’t need to worry about it.

A great new update with a fantastic new auction engine.

You can download WP Auctions today, check out the page for price information.