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WP Auctions 4.1.2

We’ve just released WP Auctions v4.1.2. This is a small update that fixes a few nagging bugs we’ve come across. However, it’s not critical to upgrade immediately so you may do it when you have no auctions running.

Here’s what we fixed/added in this release:

  • Automatic removal of currency symbols (i.e $, € etc…) from the bidding field when a bid is placed.
  • Canceling the first bid from the admin screen will now reset the starting bid back to the original amount.
  • Ability to re-send the winning email to the winner in case of any unforeseen server/mail error.

List Widget update

If you are a Pro Plus user you will also find the latest edition of the List Widget in the main plugin zip file. Simply upload that on it’s own. A new feature of the widget is to sort auctions shown by date, current bid or in random order. More instructions here.

All “Pro” users who bought the List Widget in October, 2011 will get a free update. Please contact us from the form on this website to get it.

That’s all for now. More news and cool stuff coming up soon!

7 thoughts on “WP Auctions 4.1.2

  1. How many auctions can you have going at one time with WP Auction 4.1.2 Pro? I bought the regual Pro version but cannot seem to add anything past 5 auction items.

    1. Hi, You can have unlimited auctions with the plugin. That’s quite weird that you say can’t add more than 5, there’s no such limit in the plugin.

      1. Yes, actually I just purchased the pro plus version and still can’t see anything more than the first five auctions. I’ve added. When I try to add more, it says that the auction has been added, but when I go back to the Current Auctions page it only shows the first five. I’ve also checked Closed uctions and they aren’t listed there either.

  2. Hi,
    I purchased WP Auctions Pro in Nov. 2010 and am running version 3.7.4 I am running wordpress 3.3.1 and it sounds like the two are not compatible? I am wondering if their is a free upgrade or if I can continue using version 3.7.4? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi, the only thing that does not work properly is the date popup. That is because of an update done by WordPress where they made those functions part of their core package. This clashed with the option we had in place. You can still enter the dates manually.

      Sorry, if your yearly subscription has expired there is no free upgrade. The version of WordPress you had at the time was compatible with the version of WP Auctions we had available.

      You can choose to sign up again for updates and support at the current prevailing price (you should’ve gotten a re-subscription email with a discount code) OR buy the unsupported version for $35 via our download page.

      Hope that helps.

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