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WP Auctions Plugin

Currently the WP Auctions Plugin is in beta test mode. Those who signed up before have received it via email, if you would like to beta test please leave a comment on this post and we will get back to you once more slots open.

*Update 11th Feb, 2008: The most stable and complete free version of the plugin will be available for download on the 22nd of February. The wait is almost over.

23 thoughts on “WP Auctions Plugin

  1. I would like to try. I currently do ebay auctions to sell real estate.
    This would be great sell houses to my email data base via auction.

  2. HEY! That is just what I was looking for. I want to bypass the review sites and target potential clients for blog reviews directly. So I need a tool like this. Please, please, please, sign me up.

  3. The plugin will be available for free download on the 22nd of February. We’re working hard to meet that date. Thanks to all for inquiring. 🙂

    We’re as excited as you are!

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