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E-Commerce Plugin

Even though WP Auctions was specifically made for hosting auctions on your own blog it can very well be used as an e-commerce plugin.

The auction comes with a “Buy it Now” feature that can be used to sell items in the traditional direct way to your end user.

Configuration is as simple as setting the start price at 0, or leaving it blank and just filling in the Buy it Now price in the field provided.

You can now directly sell anything you like on your blog with this feature. Remember, you can also place it in your post and show it off via the provided sidebar widget.

9 thoughts on “E-Commerce Plugin

  1. Is it possible to set up your auction feature on every ad as they are posted on http://www.azuzzo.com ….The poster then could simply click a ” Post Auction” button, fill in a few blanks, and have an e-mail auction running immediately, as an addition to their regular free classified ad. Thanks Ray.

  2. Hai, i`m interested on your product, but may i know how to upload the product picture? Can we upload direct from computer or need to insert the product URL?

    One more, if in got problem, is there any support from you guys and how long the support will be.Thanks

  3. Well, the part about charging registered users for posting an auction, can you customize it to do that as a separate custom job? If so, what would be the cost?

  4. Hi there,

    I too would like to use this plugin for commercial reasons, i want it to allow my users to post auction as members and i will integrate this with buddypress.
    Could you email me with the cost for such development, im sure there are many people interested in using this plugin for this purpose also.


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