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Help us translate WP Auctions

In the latest version of WP Auctions we’ve added localisation support, which means that the plugin has the ability to work in different languages without any changes or customisations to the code. It’s one of the abilities that WordPress plugins have, once you add all the different things in place for it to happen.

If you’re looking to translate the plugin into your respective language, here’s how you can do it. First of all, you need a plugin called Codestyling Localisation. Once you activate it, it adds a new menu item under Tools in your administration section. Click on this shows all the plugins you have that support localisation. You’ll see WP Auctions in the list together with any translation files (.po files) you already have.


If you want to translate the plugin into a new language, just click “Add New Language”. You’ll be shown a popup that lets you select a language:


Click on the language you’d like to create a translation for. The plugin will create the translation file for you, scan the plugin for any strings that you can translate and present a list for you to add your translations to.


The plugin has one exceptional feature that I just wasn’t expecting. When you try entering a translation for a particular phrase, it also gives you the option to get an automatic translation using the Google Translation services. Obviously, try and stick to languages you are familiar with; as machine translations can usually result in quite bizarre translations. But it’s an interesting feature.

Using the translation

Once you’ve prepared a translation file for a particular language you can upload it via FTP to the locales/ folder in the plugin. The correct folder location is wp-content/plugins/wp-auctions/locales/

We’d love to include your work in future versions of the plugin so that other users can make use of the plugin using the translation YOU created.

42 thoughts on “Help us translate WP Auctions

  1. WOW!!! You are my savior, man. I am looking to translate WP e-commerce plugin and it’s been very painful since there is no information or manual for anybody to get the task done. Specially when you doing stuff like translating you are always on your own. But this plugin might be the answer for me. Thanks

  2. Your Plugin is one of the best I’ve ever seen!
    But one question…
    I can’t found the short-codes/examples/php for place lists (for example: auction name | bids | auction price | buy now price | ending | detail link) in posts or pages.
    Do you’ve a list of the short codes?
    Please get per email in touch with me, I’ve localized the file in German if you need.

    1. The short codes for auction in a post or page are only available in the paid version. It goes something like this [wpauction id=”1″].

        1. Yep, just one shortcode. The shortcode is inserted with the Auction ID from the custom panel that is in the “Write Post” and “Write Page” area.

  3. Hi, I’ve created a dutch version for wp auction. But I have some problems get it up and running.
    In my folder: locales I have got four files (wp_auctions.mo and .po and WPAuctions-nl_NL.mo and .po)

    My default language for my wp blog is nl_NL.

    // ensure localisation support
    if (function_exists(‘load_plugin_textdomain’)) {
    $localedir = dirname(plugin_basename(__FILE__)).’/locales’;
    load_plugin_textdomain(‘WPAuctions’, ‘ ‘, $localedir );

    How do I get the dutch version up and running? Please help!

    1. So far we just have English, foreign language users tend to just keep the translations for themselves. We’ll look into offering it as part of the package in the future.

  4. I used WP Auctions free version, and use Codestyling Localisation to translate WP Auction to Chinese. However, Chinese didn’t show up on WP Auctions. I have all other plugins showing Chinese properly.

    I had completed this “Locale is set by setting the WPLANG setting in wp-config”, everything can show Chinese except WP Auctions. Please let me know which part I missed.

  5. Hi,

    just like Pieter I created a Dutch version of WP Auctions, and can’t get it up and running…

    My wp-config.php contains: define (‘WPLANG’, ‘nl_NL’);
    In my wp-auctions/locales folder i have 4 files: wp_auctions.mo, wp_auctions.po, WPAuctions-nl_NL.mo and WPAuctions-nl_NL.po, but it just won’t work…

    Are the names of the dutch mo and po files correct?
    Do I need to re-insert the auctions in my posts?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. I have the same problem with the language support. I have created Dutch language files, but they don’t show.

    I use WP Auction Pro

    Any help on this?

      1. Hello Hyder, I have both files WPAuctions-sk_SK.mo and WPAuctions-sk_SK.po in the pluging “locales” folder but the auction is not translated, can u advice what might be wrong ? thank you

  7. Yes I did.

    I am using the Codestyling Localisation Plugin you suggest. I get this message however in that plugin:

    Compatibility: Textdomain definition: There are problems to find the used textdomain. It has been taken from existing translation files. If it doesn’t work with your install, please contact the Author of this plugin.

  8. Hello, I need a advice on one issue. I installed the plugin to translate the WW-Auctions, first issue is after installation now of the Flag picture are not seen, they seems to be like without picture sources, but when I check the link of source the flag files are there 🙁 any idea?
    Second issue I created my SLOVAK language for WP-auctions, everything seems to be okey, but the translation is not happening, do you know why ? Does it which between the languages based on a Browser language or?
    thank you

  9. Why aren’t these problems solved. A lot of people have issues with this. I have paid for this plugin and expect some support.

    Every now and then a see an answer which doesn’t solve the problem and it goes quiet. Perhaps to busy with the release of 4.0 but don’t forget your existing customers.

    Best regards,

    1. I am lucky, I did not buy it, even through I was close to it, so I started to test it and find out that the translation does not work somehow correctly. Even through I see the PO and MO translation files, it does not work. People be aware of this bug, I hope the author will fix this issue and it will work so I can buy a full version for sure, I like the the script, but function is the KEY for me.
      So dear author of the script, let us know once the bug is fixed. thank you

  10. 616 I just could not depart your site prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard info an individual provide on your guests? Is going to be again often to inspect new posts.

  11. Hi! I have boutht WP Auction Pro
    I have problem with translation
    I used Codestyling Localisation to into Russian.
    I have done and got po. and mo. file
    But I have Warning: The actual loaded translation content contains mixed textdomains and is not pure translateable within one textdomain.
    It seems, that there is code contained extracted out of other plugins, themes or widgets and used by copy & paste inside some source files.
    The affected unknown textdomains are: WPAuctions
    Also there are two textdomains: WPAuctions and wpauctions
    My wp-config.php contains: define (‘WPLANG’, ‘ru_Ru’);
    In my wp-auctions/locales folder i have 2 files:
    wpauctions-ru_RU.po and the same .mo

    but it just won’t work…

    load_plugin_textdomain( ‘wpauctions’, false , ‘wp-auctions/locales/’ );

    I also try to use, but invaine

    add_action(‘init’, ‘myplugin_load_translation_file’);
    function myplugin_load_translation_file() {
    // relative path to WP_PLUGIN_DIR where the translation files will sit:
    $plugin_path = plugin_basename( dirname( __FILE__ ) .’/translations’ );

    load_plugin_textdomain( ‘myplugin’, ”, $plugin_path );

    How do I get the Russian version up and running? Please help!

  12. WOW! I did translation into Russian and correct a mistake in code by myself!!! Do you need Russian po. and mo. files?
    I am also going to make Ukrainian one a litte bit later!!!
    Good luck!

  13. frankly even with the changement to have one only text-domain and no 3 different ones. translation doesn’t catch.
    you should take time to consider the update of your code…for users who payed

  14. add
    load_plugin_textdomain( ‘wpauctions’, false, ‘wp-auctions/locales/’ );
    to the file auction.php line 7
    so you’ve got the translation done

  15. Hi Vanessa, I’ve added that line to the main branch, so it will make it out to other users with the next release. Apologies if this caused any issues. T

    he previous versions has the locale in a common piece of code, but this was causing issues with sister plugins so it got moved. The main file is used in 90% of the cases, so if you were using Auctions in a Post everything would have worked fine, but the popup window doesn’t call this, so you would’t have been getting the right textdomain there.

    Once again, thanks for helping us make the plugin better for everyone


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