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v4.1 – Multi-site Support And Plugin Updates

We’re pleased to announce that WP Auctions 4.1 is now available for download from your member area.

What’s the latest and greatest with this update?

Well, most importantly there was a security issue that we patched up and we urge everyone using our plugin to upgrade as soon as possible. The best possible way without adjusting anything on your database would be to log in via FTP to your hosting account and upload the following files to the wp-content/plugins/wp-auctions/ folder –

  • /auction.php
  • /wp_aAdminjs.php
  • /wp_auctions.php
  • /wp_auctionsjs.php
  • /wpa_admin.php
  • /wpa_ajax.php
  • /wpa_constants.php
  • /wpa_resizer.php

If you don’t have any live auctions you should –

  1. De-activate
  2. Delete old plugin
  3. Upload new zip file from Weborithm Products
  4. Activate

You might need to change the permissions on your “files/” folder for your images to appear again. Please read our documentation for further information.

What’s New in 4.1

We’ve added one new feature and one enhancement in 4.1.

  1. Multi-site – WP Auctions now supports multi-site installations! Yes, it was a long time coming but it’s finally here. You can now set up your own network of sites with WordPress and offer them the plugin as well! This will allow you or your site members to have multiple sites and be able to use the plugin independently on those sites as well. The possibilities are endless! We’ll be monitoring the usage behind this feature closely as we have a lot more in store for it.
  2. Register to Bid Enhancement – Our register to bid feature is a very popular one so we decided to enhance it a bit. From now on whenever a user registers to bid and they come up to the bid window they cannot edit their Name or Email. This provides an extra layer of security to your bidding process to ensure that the person bidding is actually who they say they are. We hope it help you run more successful private auctions!

Multi-site Support

One word about support for multi-site installations. While the feature is available in the Pro and Pro Plus versions we can only provide support to you for a multi-site installation IF you are a Pro Plus customer. We hope we’ve made the distinction clear enough.

If you wish to upgrade from Pro to Pro Plus please look in your member area for details on how you can do that.

Of course, as a Pro user, you are completely free to use it on a multi-site installation, we just can’t provide support for troubleshooting, server setting issues you may face etc…As each and every multi-site installation is different we need to take this step to make sure we provide the best service possible.

This does not discount any genuine bugs that may show themselves. Those will be dealt with without fail.

We thank you for understanding our policy on support for this feature.

Well, that’s all for now. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or ask us on our forum.

4 thoughts on “v4.1 – Multi-site Support And Plugin Updates

  1. what does multi-site mean? is it possible for

    a. the user to post the auction, not just admin as we wd want the content to come from users
    b. the site to charge a commission on trades, and/or an upfront fee?

    many thanks


    1. Multi-site is the built in ability provided by WordPress to set up multiple sites on the same domain either by sub-domains, i.e mysite.website.com, or by folders, i.e website.com/mysite.

      You can find more information about that on wordpress.org

      a. Using multi-site, yes it’s possible to allow users to set up their own domains and auction items on their own platform. Though you cannot manage their auctions, or control the payment process.

      b. You can use a variety of member plugins available to charge them to set up their sub-domain/folder sites (as stated above), NOT to post auctions (please understand the difference).

      Hope that helps.

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