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WP Auctions 4.0, Now Available for Download

It’s finally here! WP Auctions 4.0 is ready and available via for download!

After months in development, and complete overhaul of our front end widgets, 4.0 is our biggest update to the plugin. Ever!

Here are some of the more salient features included in this release:

  1. New Bidding Engines: You can now set your auctions to have either a Simple Bidding, Proxy Bidding (our original engine) or Reverse Bidding.
  2. Reserve Price: A highly requested and now finally part of our plugin. Set a reserve price for your auction so you need not sell if the highest bid does not meet it.
  3. Watch Auctions: Your viewers can now watch an auction if they are inclined to do so. Sign up is easy and notifications stop once the auction is over.
  4. Widget Color Customization: You can easily customize the colors of the widgets in a few clicks to match your site or blog.
  5. Auction Categories: Set up categories for your auctions as you would for your Posts.
  6. Start Date: Now you can specify a date and time in the future when you would like your auctions to start. This feature is a real time saver!
  7. Landing Page: Direct all your auctions to a single Post or Page. Especially handy when you don’t have the sidebar widget displayed on your home page.
  8. WYSIWYG Editor: Customize your descriptions just as you would your Posts. With headlines, bolded text, underlined etc…
  9. Shipping Description: Enter a text prompt for Shipping, if you are unsure how much it will cost and finalize it after the auction is over.
  10. New Widget Designs: Our sidebar, popup and Auction in a Post widgets have gotten a complete makeover!

Apart from that there have many other performance enhancements and back end interface streamlining. So you can find what you want faster with easier, better instructions.


The List Widget has been updated as well to accommodate the Auction Categories feature. So you can now show X amount of auctions from category ABC.

The Bulk Uploader was updated as well to accommodate all the extra fields in the auction creation process.

If you are a Pro Plus member you can download these for free, the List Widget is part of the main plugin download.

If you are a Pro customer you can purchase the add-ons again here.


Currently we’re offering a $10 off promotion on our Pro and $20 off our Pro Plus version.

Upgrade Notice

Please delete all your old auctions, before you upgrade. The reason for this is because we changed a few variables in our database which could cause inconsistencies in date/time display as well auction close notices.

Remember, if you buy the Pro Plus version you get the List Widget, Bulk Uploader and the Compose Framework Theme for free along with free updates!

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