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Request to Bid, Video Overview

Hot on the wheels of our latest release, v4.4, we decided to make a video to show you in detail how one of our new incredible feature “Request to Bid” works.

Request to Bid

The feature provides you an extra layer of security to your auctions, so you can be sure of who is bidding on your site. Here’s a full breakdown of what you can do with it enabled:

  1. Allow auto-approvals, you can also deny users later.
  2. Approve/Deny users in an instant.
  3. Sort by Status/Auction/User.
  4. Clear bidders for closed auctions.
  5. “Approved Bidders” number shown when auctions are embedded.

We hope you enjoy using the feature, please offer any feedback you have so that we can make the plugin better for you!

12 thoughts on “Request to Bid, Video Overview

  1. What I really, really need is a Preview period so my potential bidders can look over the 2000 items I will be offering for bid during our set bidding period.

    We run our auction once a year for a 2-week period. With 2000 items, my bidders need some time before bidding starts to look over the items. A Preview Period is an auction industry standard and something I had with my past auction program and sure wish I had with this one.

    Thanks for considering adding this function.

  2. Nice feature :o)

    However I am looking a similar feature. Basically bidders first upload funds into their account by making a deposit (a bit like how codecanyon works). After that, when they bid on something, then the bid is successful if (bid amount+P&P)<(user's account balance).

    If user doesn't have enough money, then user gets prompted to deposit more money before they can place the bid.

    What do you think?

    1. It’s a feature we’ve been thinking about for quite some time now, but we’ve not really come to the point of getting it developed yet. As the next few versions come out it will be a part of the plugin. I just can’t say which version and how soon though.

  3. Hello,

    When users are signed into the site, is there an option to make it so that the user info (name and email) get filled out automatically so users don’t have the option of putting in a different email other than the one they are registered with? Is this function available in the paid version? Please let me know, thank you!

    – John

    1. Also, I was wondering if there is an option to sort the auctions. For example, I have a page with a list of auctions. I’d like to be able to sort these by “ending soonest”, “highest bid”, etc. Please let me know if this is possible anyway either in the free or paid versions. Thank you!

      1. You can use either the List Widget or the WP Auctions Extended Listing plugin (available on the Marketplace) to order your auctions as you stated above.

        1. I tried putting [wpa_list_widget mode=”list”] into a page but nothing shows up but the shortcode. Is there something else that needs to be done?

          1. Ah, sorry. Just realized that I need to purchase the List Widget separately. I misread your original message. I thought you meant there is a list widget that comes with the plugin and a separate ‘extended’ listing plugin available as an add-on.

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