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WP Auction v4.4

We’re happy to announce the latest version of WP Auctions is now available for download!

What’s HOT in v4.4?

Request to Bid: An amazing new feature which gives you the ability to restrict who can and cannot bid on your auctions! To activate this, you must enable the “Registered Users Only Mode” to limit auction bidding to registered users only.

Once you’ve done that you can add another layer of security to your auctions by enabling the feature to allow only bidders authorized by you to bid on any auction.

Every registered user will now have to submit a “Request to Bid” when they visit the “Bid” tab. You can then view their request in the special “Manage Bidders” admin panel. There’s still a lot more to the feature, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself once you buy the plugin!

Other Features:

  • Integrated full set of currencies offered by PayPal.
  • Set your Minimum Bid Increment on a global or per auction level.
  • Choose to receive bid notices or auction won emails, or both.
  • Allow proxy bidders to increase max bid (thanks to mensmaximus).
  • Use your own CSS stylesheet to alter the way the auction looks. (you will really need to know what you’re doing here)


  • Fixed a GoDaddy server specific email issue.
  • Dates and time now follow WP settings (thanks to mensmaximus).
  • Deprecate resizer, images are now handled by WordPress image resizer.
  • Added a CSS class “wpa-auction-sold” to closed auctions, used only when auctions are embedded in a Post/Page.
  • Display an “Auction Closed” notice once an auction is closed, used only when auctions are embedded in a Post/Page.

Update Instructions

As always, we recommend you to upgrade via FTP. You can find more instructions for upgrading on our documentation page.

Current Version: 4.4

Update Status: Non-critical (but completely worth it)

16 thoughts on “WP Auction v4.4

  1. I am currently using the lite version but am thinking of upgrading to the pro version. However, I am having problems (detailed here: http://bit.ly/TbAGnZ) with a couple things. If I upgrade to Pro, will these problems still exist?

    1. Thanks for replying on the WordPress page. I added my own reply with a link to the site. If you can take a look and let me know how I should fix the problem, I’d really appreciate it. If all else fails and upgrading to Pro is the only option, I am willing to do that as well.

      1. Sorry to keep updating this, but I’m posting again to let you know I submitted a reply to the WordPress thread. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

  2. Hi

    When will you allow visitors to post their own auctions? Either as individuals or as a company, like a real estate agency….

    Is this planned?


  3. I looked in WP Auction settings in the dashboard but I can’t find the option to only allow registered users to bid. Can you help me?

  4. I just bought WP Auctions and the list plugin. When I try to create a new auction, I keep getting this message:

    “Starting Price must be numeric and less than Reserve and BIN Prices”

    I left all three of these fields empty because they were all optional. I noticed that if I fill out all three of these fields, users are only allowed to ‘buy it now’ and not ‘bid’. How do I make this work?

    1. Either the Starting Price or BIN is required to be entered. The Reserve price is not.

      If you don’t enter a Start Price but enter a BIN, then ONLY the BIN would show as it’s being offered with that option only.

  5. Problem with List Widget. Can’t get the list to show up on our auction page properly consistently. Will sometimes show up properly if I reload the plugin. Everything else works fine.

  6. Hello,
    I just upgraded to WP Auctions Pro and every time I try to create a new auction I get the following message:

    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_editor() in /home/content/30/4632230/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-auctions/wpa_admin.php on line 1325”

    How do I correct this issue?

  7. Dates and time now follow WP settings (thanks to mensmaximus).

    Is the ajax countdown timer working correctly irrespective of the wordpress time settings??

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