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The Way Forward

We launched Gold v2.0 around 2 weeks ago and so far I’m quite happy with the way the plugin has been accepted around the blogosphere. We’ve sent out some free copies of the Gold version to almost all our beta testers, if you were a beta tester and did not receive a free copy please send us an email via our contact form.

I’ve been thinking off a few ideas to make this plugin more than just a plugin and I tend to get very excited about them. But then I calm down and realize that rather than just implementing feature after feature, it’s better to have a steady product.

We’re not backed by venture capital, we have had good exposure on some good blogs {though I know we need more}, and downloads are always increasing. Most of all we’re not really thinking about making as much money as we can with this plugin. Because for the first time in my life I’m actually building something, props to my developer Owen Cutajar for being the rockstar that he is, that I feel like strongly about.

This is not some side-project, not a hobby, no this is my passion. How can I be passionate about auctions? Well, it’s not the auctions part I’m passionate about, it’s the building a product that will just rock! passion that I’m talking about.

So what are the plans going forward? Well, here’s a few things we’ve been thinking about –

  • A theme optimized to hold auctions – How about an auctions optimized theme to host your auctions and help you sell more items? It’s in the works 🙂
  • v2.+ – Yep we’re already working on making this plugin better than it already is. If you have bought v2.0 you get free updates for life. Buy it now if you haven’t already.
  • Enhanced Live Auctions – We’re going to be implementing some awesome new features into our Live page.
  • Site re-design – I just can’t help it, it’s the designer in me. Besides, something fresh is always better.

Plus a whole lot more that I can’t even talk about yet. So yeah, stay tuned.

We just got started. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Way Forward

  1. We love the plugin, thank you! The list format for auctions is perfect for our needs, so definitely good job on that one. Only concerns are a couple of minor problems with bidders not having their email addresses accepted to bid. Not sure why that is, in most cases they’re at work and I think there’s a firewall issue. The RSS feed for the auction also isn’t populating for us. Not sure why that one is, will try to look closer at it, but I’m not technically proficient. We generally love it and hope others find the plugin as useful as we did. Great job again!!!

  2. This is one great plugin! I’m looking to translate it into German and have a look at any legal issues there may be (strange place Germany as far as the legals are concerned) – i.e. cost of shipping, terms of contract and the right for the buyer to return the goods within a certain time need to be specified on the page. But I’m sure I will get it sorted out

    Keep up the good work!



  3. hey, is there anyway i can translate wp auction to danish for you?

    I need a danish version, and maybee i could also sell the wp auction plugin from my site, as affiliate or?

    best regards michael

  4. You are welcome to translate the free version. We have no plans at this time to translate the gold into any other languages.

    If you buy the gold version you are welcome to translate it as well for your own personal use.

  5. Why is it nobody giving praise to this “awesome” plugin is actually using it? Not one website can I find using this product in a live enviroment! Something smells fishy!!!

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