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WP Auctions Gold v2.0

WP Auctions announces the premium version of our plugin titled “Gold”. This version, 2.0, has some enhancements that the free version does not have, like –

  • Upload multiple images for each auction
  • Sell items only on ‘Buy It Now’ basis
  • Sell items with a ‘Buy it Now’ price
  • Show your auctions in a list, rather than graphical, format
  • Include link to your eBay feedback if you have any
  • 5 free styles packaged with the theme

Apart from the above, there are many performance enhancements to it as well. The Gold plugin sells for $24.99 and is worth the value that the plugin provides.

Plus there’s an affiliate program, you can Join our Affiliate Program here. You get 40% of all sales, i.e. $10 per download. Feel free to use this 125×125 banner to promote the plugin.

Remember the more people download and use it, the more populated our Live Auctions page becomes and the more potential traffic you can get. Which eventually means more chances of making money!

Download the plugin today!

4 thoughts on “WP Auctions Gold v2.0

  1. Any chance of a non-profit getting a free version of the gold plugin? 😉

    We’ll be more than happy to join the affiliate program and help promote WP Auctions further. We’ve already had several inquiries after the first successful go-round where we raised more than $1,500 for the chapter.


  2. Hyder, thank you for answering Susan’s question. I want to ask a further question…

    Why don’t you include an option to list all current auctions in a page or a post. Many of us want a simple layout that shows multiple auctions at once and truthfully this plugin doesn’t seem to want to let us do that. Also basic formatting and single auction calls would be nice.

    I guess my request is 3 fold:

    1: Ability to list all current auctions by calling [WPAUCTIONS]
    2: Ability to call a single auction based on an id within a page like [WPAUCTION123] or something similar.
    3: Ability to tell the system to show the auction with graphic horizontally. Graphic to left & centered, auction data to right similar to Ebay layout.


  3. JD,

    Thanks for your suggestions. We can only make the plugin better by input from our users.

    Currently we are working on a souped up version, so it might take some time till the next update comes along. Hang on tight till then, and thanks for using our plugin.

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