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How Does Auction in a Post Work?

If you’re reading this you probably have bought our plugin, huge thanks for supporting our work by the way, and are trying to figure out how to “embed” an auction into your Post or Page?

As one of our more exciting features, I’d be happy to help you get started with that process.

Please note this guide is relevant to WP Auctions v4.5 and above.

Here goes:

Part 1: Adding a new auction

  1. Go to WP Auctions > New Auction and go ahead and create your auction.
  2. Leave the option “Show auction in AJAX Popup?” set to YES.
  3. Add your auction and you’re done here.

Part 2: Embedding the auction

  1. Create a new Post, or Edit an existing one.
  2. See the window that says “Insert Auction” on the page? Select your auction from the dropdown and click the “Insert Auction” button.
  3. Now the fun part, click “Bind Post to Auction” and viola! your auction is now bound to the Post you just created/edited.

Embed and Bind your auctions to your Post/Page
If you go back to the WP Auctions > Current Auctions window and click on ‘Edit’ to check, you will see that the URL to the Post/Page has been inserted automatically into the field “Show auction in AJAX Popup?“. This field is also now set to ‘No, show auction in a post’.

To make it simpler, you can add all your auctions at once and then embed them into Posts/Pages as you please.

All your auctions will now be linked to the Post/Page you used from the WP Auctions sidebar widget, the emails that get sent out for auction updates and the List Widget too!

Hope you enjoyed this easy to follow guide.

NOTE: You can only embed one auction per Post/Page. The best way to show a list of your auctions is to use our List Widget.

13 thoughts on “How Does Auction in a Post Work?

  1. Hi!

    I am going to build an auction-site for one of our clients and looking at Your plug-in.

    I wonder a few things about the plugin.

    If visitor can see…
    .. auctions ending soon?
    .. expired auction

    If Visitor can sort the auctions in anyway?

    Best Regards
    Mats Gustavsson
    Byrån AB Sweden

    1. Yes, visitors can see auctions ending soon. They can also see expired auctions IF they are embedded into a Post/Page. We sell an add-on on our Marketplace that allows you to show auctions that are over.

      Presently there is no sorting feature. But it’s a good suggestion. Thanks.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for fast answer.
    Have one more question, is it easy to translate?
    My customer will have it in swedish and if it´s easy I plan to translate it to swedish.

    Best Regards
    Mats Gustavsson

  3. Hi,

    I can see what you can get countdown in ListWidget Add-ons, showing days and hours in countdown.
    Is it also possible to see minutes and seconds in the ListWidget?

    In “Auction in a post” I have seen that it counts down with minutes and seconds.

    Is it possible to set up so you have to log in before placing a bid?

    Best Regards
    Mats Gustavsson

  4. I am having trouble – I don’t see the buttons to bind to post or insert the auction. I can get the auction on the post by using the short code on each post, but no other options. What am I doing wrong? THANKS!

    1. Update – I am seeing that I do not even have the “Insert Auction” box on my page when I am editing. The auction is being placed on a custom post type, for a “property” on a real estate site. How can I get that box / those options to appear on this post type?

    2. Hi Susan,

      I’ve just confirm the functionality on the plugin in this area and it should be working. One thing that could upset this area is another plugin that’s conflicting with it, or maybe an admin theme that changes these areas.

      Can you turn off all other plugins temporarily to see if this rectifies the problem. The test should only take a few minutes after which you can turn them back on again

      Let us know how you get on.



  5. I have deactivated all plugins and also tried with basic wordpress theme and issue still persists. I DO now see the option to add the auction to a standard post, but not to add it to a property (special post type). Where could I look to see if there is some code in the property post type that is not allowing the plugin to display the option to insert a post?

    1. Hi Susan,

      You’re right, the auction selector only appears on Page and Post types as those are the only ones we know about on a standard installation of WordPress.

      The lines that govern this are in wp_auctions.php, specifically:

      // add meta boxes
      add_meta_box(‘WPA_Admin’, __(‘Insert Auction’,’wpauctions’), ‘insertAuctionSelector’, ‘post’, ‘normal’, ‘high’);
      add_meta_box(‘WPA_Admin’, __(‘Insert Auction’,’wpauctions’), ‘insertAuctionSelector’, ‘page’, ‘normal’, ‘high’);

      If you want to add this to a custom post type you’ll have to replicate one of the lines and specify the name of the custom post type you want to add them to.

      Please note that mileage may vary as this is not a scenario we have tested and may depend on the attributes of the custom post type you attach the auction to.

      Good luck!

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