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WP Auctions v4.5

We are happy to announce the release of WP Auctions v4.5!

Here’s what it offers, along with a brief recap of other recent changes:

  • “Bind to Auction”
  • Add a global fee, either percentage or flat rate based
  • Fixed small currency bug
  • Updated email validation to accept all domain TLD’s

Of the above, the most significant is the Bind to Auction feature. What this does basically is it allows you to bind an auction with the Post/Page the auction is embedded in.

This has been a long requested feature by users who asked to make it easier to form a relation between an auction and a Post/Page. The below video explains it all to you if you’d like to know how it works.

Update Instructions

As always, we recommend you to upgrade via FTP. You can find more instructions for upgrading on our documentation page.

Current Version: 4.5

Update Status: Non-critical

3 thoughts on “WP Auctions v4.5

  1. Hello,
    I have done all the right things – I guess – but I just cant make the auction work. It stays on the same bid all the time even if we try to place bids from other pc’s. We got pro version 4.5. How can that be?
    Kind regards
    Gunnar B.

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