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WP Auctions 3.5

We’ve just launched the latest version of WP Auctions, version 3.5. Here are the list of features added to this version.

WP Auctions v3.5 Features

  • New image upload process, now you can upload your images using the default WordPress image uploader.
  • End auctions on a specific date and time.
  • Custom bid increments lets you specify the next minimum bid amount.
  • Updated styles, now your “Auctions in a post” feature will inherit the style you choose.
  • Other bug fixes.

Here’s a preview of how you can select your date and time:

Easier Upgrades

With this version we decided to implement a membership platform to help make your updates easier. Till now we’ve been emailing buyers updated files, yeah…not very efficient.

To sign up simply head on to our main parent company’s site, i.e Weborithm Products. Once you sign up simply click on the WP Auctions product and proceed to purchase. Once your payment is complete you will be re-directed to your very own WP Auctions product page. Best of all, when we have updates to the plugin simply login to your member area and download the plugin!

Price Reduction

Not only have we added many more awesome features but we’ve also reduced the price. What used to be $39.99 is now only $29.99! There’s no guarantee it’ll stay that price forever so go ahead and buy it today, remember you get free upgrades and we’re already working on new features!

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