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WP Auctions 3.6

We just put WP Auctions 3.6 *beta* (not beta anymore) out. Here are the enhancements

  • New backend user interface
  • Updated the popup styles and slightly modified the auction in a post CSS
  • Added HTML support for descriptions in the popup, you can even embed a video now!
  • Fixed a nagging tab error for the input fields for auctions in a post
  • Faster code

That’s about it for now. We’re working on new upgrades already too!

Here’s something you can expect soon from WP Auctions (the best auction plugin for WordPress in the universe)

  • Editable emails
  • More styles
  • Customizable styles
  • …other secret options….

Go ahead and check out the demo on the sidebar for the new popup layout. The auction in a post and the sidebar widget will be updated soon too.

Also, if you haven’t noticed the plugin costs only $29.99, sign up here to download now, from $39.99 a few months ago.

But we will be increasing the price to $35 in a week or two, so if you waited to get this plugin you better do it before the price increase! That works out to around $2.91 per month (for a year of updates), and we add new features every month!

Upgrading from 3+ to 3.6

If you are upgrading from 3+ to version 3.6 follow these instructions.


1. Simply upload all the files from your local directory to your server. The styles/ folder has gone through some considerable change, so delete that folder on your server first before uploading the new styles/ folder.

2. You can delete any files that are not part of the new package, however please only do this if you really know what you’re doing.

Via the WordPress Plugin Upload area

1. Back up your database.

2. You need to delete the WP Auctions plugin first, because you cannot upgrade it while still having a copy on your site. Your auctions will NOT be deleted, so don’t worry about that.

3. Upload the ZIP file you downloaded from your member page via the Plugin Upload area.

4. Activate the plugin again once the upload is finished.

5. If you do not see your images in the auctions then you will have to CHMOD your files/ folder (in wp-content/plugins/wp-auctions/) to 777 again. That’s it.

As always, if you encounter any errors please leave a comment on our help page.

P.S: Did you back your database before upgrading?

P.P.S: Seriously, do it!

15 thoughts on “WP Auctions 3.6

  1. Hi. I have v2.5 gold on my site. I don’t think I got any updates from you but now I see there’s a new version. How do I get it? I only used a few times because I got complaints about the bugs. But I would like to try the new version…. What do I need to do?

  2. Does the pro version allow others to add their own items for auction?
    That is what I am looking for, not one that only I can auction off items.
    Thank you.

  3. In this post would be a great place to either say ‘Upgrading? Nothing gets lost, just FTP and you’re good’ or have a paragraph (or link to one) that explains what to do to ensure all current and expired auctions (and their respective ID numbers) are all still fine if a person does X,Y,Z.

  4. Hi. I have v2.5 gold on my site. I don’t think I got any updates from you but now I see there’s a new version. How do I get it? I only used a few times because I got complaints about the bugs. But I would like to try the new version…. What do I need to do?

  5. Would I be able to utilize the embed in a post feature and assign categories to those posts in hopes of being able to organize a large (1,000 plus items) auction on my website? As an example: Assign “Auction 10” category to all the individual items being auctioned and then also give them sub categories so as to make items easier to find within my site. Would that be possible?

    I just noticed that the auctions can be placed within a page. Can I list multiple auctions within one single page so clients can scroll down and see what is available? Possibly breaking up the multiple categories I have for an auction into different pages and listing the individual items on the corresponding page?

    Thanks for any help.

    1. Once you create an auction you can embed it into a Post or Page. Only one auction per Post or Page only, you cannot have more than one as the bid form won’t work otherwise.

      Your Posts can be organized by categories you create in WordPress, you would have to insert an auction by ID into each Post. Directions are provided in our download page once you purchase.

      If you would like to list multiple auctions in a Page/Post you would have to use our List Widget available under the “Extras” on our site, up above. As I stated above you cannot have more than one per Post/Page.

  6. Thanks for the quick response!

    To clarify: I can use the List Widget to insert a list of many auctions in one page entitled “Celebrities”and then another page entitled “Military” etc. and add as many pages as I need with as many individual auctions per page as I need? Each auction will have to be assigned an individual post though, which would open up once someone clicked on the Bid Now button? Therefore, a large auction could be organized by using designated pages as categories which in turn could make finding items easier?

    Once an auction is finished will the winning bidder automatically receive an email without me having to send it myself? Can I insert any information I want into those emails or are they pre-written?

    Sorry to be so verbose, but I need to make sure WordPress and your plugin could be a viable solution for a large auction site. Thanks again.

    1. The List Widget shows all the auctions, it does not segment them. Sorry.

      You can however use a manual method, should you want to segment them via categories, with the instructions here – https://wpauctions.com/wpa-code.txt

      Once an auction is finished the winning bidder will automatically receive emails with payment instructions. Any information can be entered in the “Bank Details” and “Mailing Address, as they are just text boxes.

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