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WP Auctions v4.6 Now Available

The new and improved WP Auctions v4.6 is here! Check out what’s new in this latest release.

Performance! Performance! Performance!

We rolled up our sleeves and dug deep, real deep to make the plugin faster and more secure. We’ve reduced the number of calls the plugin has to make to your host and reduced the number of files it has to load to show your auction.

This is an update to the core we’re really excited about as we pave the way for the next round of feature updates.

New Features

Auto Refresh Update: Embedded auctions auto-refreshed the current bids depending on the amount of seconds the admin specified. This feature is now set to be off by default, you can specify “none” to turn it off again, which ties up with the performance update we mentioned above.

Blacklist: Ever get bogus bids from users that you don’t want to bid on your auctions anymore? You can now blacklist such users via the backend interface. We won’t explain how this is done (to protect the method), you’ll just have to look for yourself in the main admin panel of the plugin.

Custom Payment Option: Yes, we finally added it! You can now specify a custom payment method to your winner. Enter whatever you like in the respective field and your winning bidder will get your specific instructions via email.

That’s all for this round. Watch out for more to come from us in the coming months.

Update Instructions

As always, we recommend you to upgrade via FTP. You can find more instructions for upgrading on our documentation page.

Current Version: 4.6

Update Status: Non-critical

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