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Preview: WP Auctions v5.0

It’s been a busy couple of months and we’ve been hard at work coding away at the latest update to WP Auctions. This version will be one of the biggest updates we’ve done.

So what’s new?

Well, we don’t want to give away everything just yet. So here’s the top 3 most exciting new features we’re presently working on!

1. WP Auctions + Your Profile: We’re bridging the gap to making the plugin more “personable” by moving some of the auction information to the “Your Profile” page. You can now set your PayPal account, where you receive payments, personal email blacklist and see how many current and closed auctions you have in total.

This area will expand, greatly, as we add new features.


2. Payment Page: A very cool new payment experience. Your auction winner will now get a link back to the site where they will see all the details about the auction they won and how much they need to pay. If you are accepting PayPal there will be a convenient link to pay via PayPal.

Payment page example

Payment page example

3. Terms and Conditions: You can now set a global set of terms and conditions to show your bidders. This is shown on the embedded auction layout for all to see. So now if you want people to know any specific legalese before bidding this is the place to put it. It also makes creating auctions easier as you don’t have to write or copy/paste a bunch of text on each embedded auction in a post.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

What’s out? (Eventually)

Yes, we’re taking away something.

Sadly, our pop-up auction window was just not cutting it anymore in terms of usability and utilizing all the features we have, and it won’t be big enough for future iterations.

It’s not gone yet, but it’s definitely on its way out. Who knows though, we might still hang on to it in some sort of way, for old times’ sake?!

But wait….there’s more!

You’ll have to come back to the blog in a couple of days to know what else we’ve done. You’re gonna like the way the plugin looks, I guarantee it!

6 thoughts on “Preview: WP Auctions v5.0

  1. If we auction for a client , there will be a commission to pay
    once ( not more…)
    But I cant find it anywhere !!
    Does this come ?
    Than I can advice my client to aquire this great looking program….
    Greetings Paul

    (webmaster for LJtrading.nl )

    1. Yes, there is an option to add a fixed fee (like $10) or a percentage fee (like 10%) to the end price of an auction. If you use PayPal to accept payments this fee will be added to the final amount due for payment. Same goes for other payment options. This setting is under the “Payment Settings” area of the main admin panel.

  2. Hi Hyder

    Well I use the standard version to try this auction on my pc.
    And I do not see any option to to set a fee…..
    And it riddles me sometimes why paypal seems so all around everywhere ,there are so much people who do not use paypal at all !!
    Here in the netherlands iDeal is most used , or wire transfer.
    Thanks for your quick answer , and maybe it would be better to write all this in the forum ? Thanks again
    Greetings Paul

    1. Are you using the free version on wordpress.org? If yes, that version does not have this feature.

      In the Pro version the feature is very much available.

      Our new versions will have the capability to add more payment processors, such as iDeal. Btw, wire transfer is an option in the Pro version (under Payment Settings). It sends the information you enter to the winning bidder.

  3. Yes the free version to try 🙂
    Thank you very much for your information.
    Think I might soon aquire this great software
    ( only have problems with wordpress ….joomla or e107 are much easy’er , all seem sooo unlogical in wordpress….) 🙂

    cheers Paul

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