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WP Auctions v5.0

We’re happy to announce that WP Auctions v5.0 is now available!

This release is a very important one for us in terms of milestones. With lots of under the hood enhancements in code, a few bug fixes, a better backend interface and lots of great new features.

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog you know that we’ve been releasing some Release Candidates over the past couple of weeks. We’ve taken all your feedback and put it back into the plugin to deliver v5.0 to you today.

v5.0 Feature List

  1. Subscriber auctions*
  2. New responsive embed layout
  3. PayPal payment page shortcode
  4. New display shortcode
  5. Updated CSS styling, with classes attached to all elements
  6. Using default WordPress media insertion and upload
  7. Multiple category selection for auctions
  8. Use wp_mail for UTF email

How to Purchase?

If you’ve joined our subscription service via Weborithm Products and your subscription is still valid you get the update for free! Isn’t that nice?

If you are a returning customer please contact us for a coupon code.

All new customers can choose their download options from our dedicated download page.

How do I upgrade?

As always, we recommend you to upgrade via FTP. You can find more instructions for upgrading on our documentation page.

Current Version: v5.0

Update Status: Non-critical

*Subscriber auctions is a new feature available in v5.0 and is in a fully functional beta stage. Further enhancements will be forthcoming as we explore the nature in which our users tend to use the plugin in most.

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