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WP Auctions v5.1 Now Available

The latest version of WP Auctions, v5.1, is now available for download to active subscribers via their member area on Weborithm Products and to all new buyers as well!

What’s New?

We’ve done some CSS styling clean up in general and a lot of text related updates in the backend to make it more clearer to understand what each feature does.

Apart from that we’ve also updated the translation .po and .mo files and changed the locales/ folder to languages/ to match WordPress standards.

So if you want to use WP Auctions in your own language it should be easier than ever to translate it for yourself! If you feel generous please do pass the translation file to us so that we can include it in our build. Of course you’d get full credit and possibly even a special gift from us 😉

The biggest update though is with the AJAX bid updates for the current bid price, the number of bids placed and the bids tab as well.

We were alerted to a bug in our countdown timer and how it did not update the time extension feature when a new bid was placed within the time extension parameters. So we thought it’s best we fix that and make the whole AJAX update process a bit…smoother.

So there you have it, that’s v5.1!

But wait…there’s more…

If you are a subscription customer via Weborithm Products please log in immediately to download your free copy of the Zoom add-on for WP Auctions.

Zoom allows you to add a snazzy looking zoom window to your images, in the ‘Responsive Display’ embed only, and show them real up close and in fine detail. It’s a great little add-on if you have images that need that little extra bit of scrutiny.

Upgrade Options

via Instant Download: If you bought the plugin via Instant Download you can re-download the plugin via your e-junkie email where you received the original download link. You get 2 downloads, once they are used up you can upgrade to our subscription service. Sorry, there are no exceptions to this rule.

via Weborithm Products: Just log into your account and download the plugin from your member area.

Files Updated

Below is the list of files updated in this release you can simply upload them, or do a full plugin update…

  • …a lot, please update the whole folder

Upgrade Instructions

Read our instructions here.

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