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New Add-on: Bulk Uploader

We’re happy to announce a new add-on for WP Auctions. The Bulk Uploader add-on lets you upload as many auctions as you want to your auction database.

Warning, this tool is powerful! It will cause you to host your auctions in a fraction of the time it takes with the regular “Add” auction process. For more information and upload instructions please view our documentation.

Features include: Import, Export and Purge auctions.

Compatible with: WP Auctions Pro and Pro Plus only (Lite users not supported)

Preview Bulk Uploader Backend (opens in new window)

2 thoughts on “New Add-on: Bulk Uploader

  1. Which version did I purchase on Code Canyon for $25. I want remove any ads back to you guys. The module is covered with WP Auctions. I will buy the Pro Plus, but I have already put in $25 for WordPress. Is there some kind of reduced rate? I saw one of your coupons that brought it down to 84.00. I just confused at this point. Please contact me as soon as possible to let me know what my bottom line will be for Pro Plus.

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