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WP Auctions 3.7

After a long wait we are happy to announce the availability of WP Auctions 3.7!

What’s part of this feature release?

  • Customizable Emails: You asked for it, you got it. Now you can customize the content in the automatic emails that get sent out when someone gets outbid and when the auction is won (the email the winner receives). So you can enter specific contact information, like your address or phone number, or specific payment details, if you want to use another payment method than those available.
  • Image Previews – We’ve enhanced our image upload process with a preview of the uploaded image. Just in case you uploaded the wrong one.
  • Remote Debugging – You can activate this option to allow us to provide better support to you, in those rare instances that it is necessary.
  • Other enhancements include: Remove the link to WP Auctions from the popup, hide the RSS feed (this doesn’t disable it, just removes the link from view), fixed a time bug that somehow managed to stay behind in the 3.6 branch and other minor code enhancements to make the plugin more stable.

WP Auctions Email Settings (click to open larger image)


We’re going to be doing a feature freeze for the next 3 months on WP Auctions while we figure out a few things (read as, decide which new awesome features to implement) and take some time to bring our documentation and support structure up to date with our recent developments. We’ve got big plans ahead so we need to put a few things in place as we expand and grow.

A new Add On we’re currently developing should be released within the above time frame. It will allow plugin users to hold simple auctions, basically a What You Bid is What You Get functionality.

Download and Upgrade Instructions

Please note WP Auctions 3.7 is currently in Beta. Test it out on a test server, if you have one, before you upload it to your production server.

To download the latest version of the plugin login and go to your WP Auctions subscription. You will find the download link there.

If you are upgrading from any version to 3.7 you have two options:

  1. Unzip the file you download, log in via FTP to your server and overwrite the wp-auctions/ folder under your plugins/ directory.
  2. Or, you can de-activate the plugin, delete it from your WordPress install and re-upload the plugin using the backend upload feature. You will have to CHMOD your files/ folder again for the images of any of your auctions to work.

Your auctions will not be deleted from your database with either of the above procedures.

If you haven’t bought the plugin yet you can sign up via the same link above and join us. We have a lot of exciting features coming up and you will get free upgrades for a period of 1 year from your date of purchase.

14 thoughts on “WP Auctions 3.7

  1. Hi, I’m trying to use the free auction on our website. I cant get the images to show up. I have followied the instructions to Chmod the file but this makes no difference. Any ideas?

    1. 1st option – Before you add an auction, create a post, grab the URL of the post. Then while adding the auction in the last option of the add auction process select – No and paste the URL there. You can then embed the auction in the post.

      2nd option – Just add as many auctions as you want and then embed the auction in any post, there will be a custom write panel available showing your auctions when you go to write a new post. The 1st option just gives a location to each auction should you use the List Widget or the Sidebar Widget.

      1. I might download and try the light version but I can tell you this much. I would never pay for a plug in if I had to create the post THEN copy and paste that link to make it a separate auction listing on the main / category / etc pages ….

        This should be a very basic part of this plugin. Hopefully I misunderstood. Feel free to e-mail me.

        1. Our auction embed mechanism is built to be placed anywhere within a post. If we automated the placement, say to the very beginning or the very bottom or the exact middle, users would ask for an option to let them have the choice. So we decided to offer that choice from the very beginning. Yes, it’s an extra step but in the long run it is what has worked for our users and they seem to be fine with it.

          You don’t need to pay for the plugin, enjoy the Lite version. It doesn’t have a lot of the features that the Pro does, but I guess you’re OK with that.

  2. No, actually I am quite far from “being fine with that” truth be told.

    Your lite version does not support what I need – at all.

    I was simply stating *I might* download and try it to see how much of a hassle it is … But I can tell you this much. If it wasn’t that complicated I would of whipped out my waller already for the middle license.

    If it went well would of got the pro license.

    Just one opinion, as a developer I assume you want to hear them all though. We both know for every 50 clients you sell to only 5 of them actually implement a web site with the software … So feedback is tough to get. Developed scripts myself, it’s amazing …. People paid $200 for the script and never did anything with it.

    JMHO though – take it or leave it 🙂

  3. Ryan,

    While we would like to offer all the features of the Pro version in the Lite, we can’t. Simply because we are a business. The Lite version is there for everyone to use as is and upgrade if they feel that they really want the Pro features. With around 14,000 downloads, I would like to think that a majority of them have done quite well auctioning off their items.

    Referring to your original comment “This should be a very basic part of this plugin.” – I can’t promise that any new feature we release/is part of the Pro version will be a part of the Lite version.

    Go ahead, download the Lite version and offer us some actual feedback about the plugin. We like hearing back from our users.

  4. I’m sorry, you appear to be missing the point of my post.

    Regardless of whether I *like* the lite version or not …

    I will not pay for software, mid version or pro – with the extra complication that is involved in separating the listings from posts.

    I am sure it is part of the functionality of the plugin but a cron job, or something to simplify this – should be possible. All code is – is automating human tasks.

    I am simply stating if I am going to pay for a product I want it to be painless – and not have to do twice the work to get an effective site up and running.

    Again, I will take a look at lite but I think you are missing the point I have been trying to make here.

    1. You don’t need to actually assign an auction to a Post/Page (while creating auctions) if you don’t want to. It’s just an option to offer you more control. I agree that it is an extra step and we’ll look into simplifying it in future upgrades.

  5. I am looking to embed my auctions in a website page as listed above. But I can’t seem to locate or figure out how to do that. I don’t see either options on the add auction option or on the edit post. I have 3 items posted on the auction but I would like my event guests to be able to go to one page and see all the items they may bid. We are holding an annual fundraiser and hope to sell some of our items before the event. Is there a way to list all auction items on one page even if they had to be individual posts? I don’t want them only in sidebar.

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