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Preview: New Sidebar Widget

First, the good news .

  • WP Auctions 4.0 is on the way!

Second, the other good news!

  • We’re redesigning the sidebar widget, the popup and the Auction in a Post feature.

I’ve wanted to re-design the frontend of the plugin for quite some time now but time was always a factor. Now with WP Auctions 4.0 on the way it’s time that part of the plugin got an upgrade as well.

We need your input!

I’ve pasted the preview for the Sidebar Widget below. It’s still a beta version so what you see now will not necessary be the final version. Please have a look at the image and let us know in the poll which version you prefer. There’s still some more features to add to it, we won’t give away everything just yet…

Sidebar Widget Preview

Cast your vote

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Thanks for voting!

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