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Previews: Sidebar & Popup Widget

When rebuilding the widgets I had no idea on the amount of information that needed to be presented, and make sense, on them. With new features in the works we had make some space, without looking too cluttered.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve succeeded! Well, at least we hope 🙂

Below you will find the final version of the sidebar widget and a pre-final version of the popup widget. Let us know what you think about them in the comments.

Sidebar Widget

More space for everything! Achieving a balance of providing the right type of information while not letting the finer details escape, in such a tiny area, was a challenge. This is the default 160px minimum width, if your sidebar is wider it will re-size to accommodate it.

Popup Widget

The first thing, I would like to imagine, that any user of our plugin would like to see is an over-emphasis on the bidding process. You want to be able to get your visitors to bid on your item as painlessly as possible. We hope you agree with us for the focus we placed on that area in the popup.

The Buy it Now, Bids and the Description will be separated into clickable tabs which will hold the respective information. Other details are separated towards the bottom. Oh, and the images are now bigger!

All of this and we managed to reduce the dimensions of the widget by 50 pixels in height and 130 pixels in width. This is in response to smaller netbooks, iPads and other such devices making up a bigger market. So we hope to think that this size will fit most. If not, there’s always the Auction in a Post feature 🙂

Click to see a bigger view

Any comments you have about the above designs are appreciated, thanks!

Please note: These layouts are not final yet and they might change before being introduced in WP Auctions 4.0.

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